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Experienced Litigators Fighting For Justice

Taking a case to court is not always the best avenue of resolution for all legal matters. However, in many cases, it becomes necessary.

Should you be compelled to proceed with litigation, then IN PACTA PLLC is well-suited to act as a proactive and experienced advocate for you and your case. From filing lawsuits to answering complaints, taking depositions to prosecuting the matter through trial, you will have the right lawyer with you every step of the way. IN PACTA has the capabilities and resources to support litigation in a broad range of cases, including personal injury, employment law, business law, administrative law and general civil litigation.

How We Handle Litigation

In most cases, we will be able to adapt our style to take into account the particular needs of our clients or the needs of the case, such as the need for quick, decisive action, including temporary injunctive relief. So whether you are defending a suit or need to begin one, IN PACTA is prepared to vigorously but economically prosecute your action to help achieve the outcome you seek. And while there is no guarantee in litigation, we will work hard to ensure that we provide you with competent, empathetic and economic representation.

We also have experience and success handling appeals, whether it be the State Appellate Court in Washington (Court of Appeals Division 1,2 or 3) or the Washington Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals or even the United States Supreme Court.

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